Light a Candle with Joy

The decorations should not melt.

Every time you blow out the candle, discard the fluid wax. Straighten the wig upwards. When the hole is quite deep, drop some rice or salt into it to stabilize the candle.

Now use a tea-light, best in a glass container, to continue to enjoy your personal decorated candle.

Your should not expose the candle to wind.  Do not leave the candle unattended.             

Preserve the candle at a cool and dry place.    


A Personal Gift

For your lover, grandma, auntie, wife or husband, your children, as a birthday present or for the wedding of your best friends and even “in memoriam”, a special and very personal gift: A candle with the picture of your loved ones, your pets or your favorite  snapshot from your last holiday.

Just send us a picture from your family album, a beautiful picture of your child or any photo by email or its original. It will be worked into a wonderfully decorated candle, which will last forever. Your picture will be enlightened from within the candle.  

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